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Nick Saban makes subtle demands while ‘players get paid’


College football today looks very different than it did in the 2010s as players now capitalize on their name, image and likeness. It was something that people wanted for a long time because schools were making millions from these players, and now the players themselves are paid through NIL. However, everything has not been perfect, and there are now many people who have problems with the way it is all done. One of those people is former Alabama football head coach Nick Saban.

Nick Saban retired from coaching after last season and is no longer the head coach of the Alabama football team. There were many things that contributed to Saban’s decision to retire, but he did note that players asking for more money was one of those things. Because the transfer portal is also so popular, players can up and leave in an instant if they are not making enough money at a particular school. Saban wasn’t a fan of it.

Saban agrees with players getting paid, but he thinks there’s a better way to do it than how things are done now. Saban knows something has to change or it could spell trouble for the future of college football.

“There are problems that need to be solved,” Saban said during a recent interview with Paul Finebaum, according to an article by USA today. “There are lawsuits that need to be resolved. Until we get all of that in order, we’re not going to be able to have some kind of protocol of rules and who administers those rules, so we don’t have process problems and we don’t have Title IX problems going forward. I’m for the players who get paid. I just want it to be a system where everyone has a competitive balance so we don’t lose the spirit of college football.”

Paul Finebaum has a solution

The statue of University of Alabama football head coach Nick Saban on the Walk of Champions outside Bryant-Denny Stadium after the team introduced their new head football coach Kalen DeBoer (not pictured) at Bryant-Denny Stadium.
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Nick Saban is right, something really needs to be done. At this rate, larger schools with more resources will widen the gap between them and smaller schools even further, and we will see the same teams dominate the college football landscape year in and out. Many people agree that there should be more rules and regulations around NIL.

Paul Finebaum has an idea that could help the game, and his idea is that Saban should act as college football’s “czar.”

“I think the solution for college football is to stop wasting time being on TV and be what everyone in my company has proposed,” Finebaum said. “You have to be the czar of college football. If you agree to this now, we can solve many problems.”

There would probably be a lot of people behind Finebaum’s idea, especially when it comes to Alabama football fans. Saban likely has other plans for retirement, but a solution has to be found one way or another.