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Ladd McConkey speaks about the jersey number change


Ladd McConkey, a wide receiver for the New Los Angeles Chargers selected with the No. 34 pick in the second round of the April 2024 NFL Draft after a four-year stint with the Georgia Bulldogs, revealed why he chose the No. 84 jersey that he didn’t rock wearing in college, writes Daniel Mayes of the Dalton Daily Citizen.

“I just grew up and (No. 15) was my number in high school,” McConkey said during a media call after the club’s Friday practice. “No. 84 wasn’t my choice at Georgia, but I feel like I made it my own choice. I just wanted to go back to 15.”

McConkey grew up in Chatsworth, Georgia, and attended North Murray High School there before committing to joining the Bulldogs.

“It’s a new place and new uniform and new people,” McConkey noted when he came to Los Angeles. “But I still have to go out there and run routes, catch the ball, block and do all that stuff. It’s different in some ways, but it’s still football.”

McConkey can be counted on to play an outsized role for a rookie this season, as Los Angeles has a fairly limited cap space in terms of experienced vets at the moment. The All-SEC Second Teamer and two-time CFP National Champion will need to step up.

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