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Walmart lays off hundreds of employees and demands other…


BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) – Walmart announced layoffs Tuesday, affecting hundreds of jobs at the retail giant’s campus offices.

It also said it will have to move most of its remote workers and staff in its Dallas, Atlanta and Toronto offices to its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas; Hoboken, NJ; and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The news, conveyed via a memo from Walmart employees to The Associated Press, said the moves will serve the goal of “bringing more of us together more often.” The memo also noted that being together in person “makes us better and helps us collaborate, innovate and move even faster.”

The memo gave no reason for the layoffs other than to say that “some parts of our company have made changes” that will result in job losses.

A Walmart spokesperson did not immediately respond to questions about the reason for the layoffs and why Walmart is working to consolidate other office jobs in Arkansas, New Jersey and California.