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The Belgrade camp is hosting the May the Fourth Be With You Grand Galactic Games


Scouts from Troop 672 hold the Death Star during the Star Wars Camporee. From left to right, Star Scout John Campbellton of Gardiner, Star Scout Ian Dickson of Gardiner, Xander Russell of Randolph, Scout Joshua Riddle of Randolph, Scout Cody St. Amand of Pittston and Tenderfoot Michael Lajoie of Gardiner. Submitted photo

BELGRADE – Camp Bomazeen, a historic outdoor recreation site for generations of Scouts, became known as Planet Bomazeen during the first weekend of May to celebrate Star Wars Day, May 4. Scout volunteers hosted nearly 100 Scouts for the May Fourth Be With You Grand Galactic Games.

Scout Owen Ogburn of Pittsfield is a member of Troop 428. At the Storm Trooper Blaster Training Station, Scouts gathered their blasters and loaded them with marshmallows. Submitted photo

Scouts participated in activities as individuals and as a team to determine which patrol would emerge as the overall champion of the games.

Life Scout Stasha Wells of Brooks, a member of Troop 433 Winslow, dressed as Queen Padmé Amidala. Submitted photo

The activities ranged from traditional Scout programs with Star Wars elements added to other stations where it was a complete immersion in the theme.

The Battle Wounded Extraction station challenged Scouts to work as a team and provide first aid to one of the Rebels injured while fighting the First Order forces. Scouts provided the triage, treatment and removal of the ‘wounded’ from the battlefield while coming under fire from water balloons.

In the Defending Endor area, Scouts had to help the Ewoks by stringing together a catapult to throw rocks at the force field generator (stack of boxes across the field). At McCurdy Lodge, the Scouts make a lightsaber (pool noodle) and then practice using the force to deflect ping pong balls.

Donald Gage, right, of Canaan, instructs Troop 401 Tenderfoot Scout Cameron Sinclair of Sidney at the Wookie Bow Training Area. Submitted photo

The Wookie Bow Training Station taught Scouts how to aim and fire their bows and arrows.

Star Wars Camporee leaders Julie McKenney, left, of Belgrade, and Russell Cahn of Readfield give instructions to the Scouts at the start of the Grand Galactic Games. Submitted photo

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