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As the strike vote against police action continues, students and teachers are resisting slowing down the UAW


A banner displayed at the anti-genocide protest reads: “UCLA Faculty and Staff WE STAND WITH OUR STUDENTS” April 29, 2024.

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The strike vote by 48,000 University of California academics and members of United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 4811 continued into its second day on Tuesday.

This week’s vote comes amid extreme anger over the response of the government and police at the University of California, Los Angeles, which allowed armed right-wing and Zionist counter-protesters to destroy the peaceful encampment of UCLA Gaza Solidarity for more than three hours. attack metal. pipes, fireworks and pepper spray. These attacks were followed by more violence by police, who used rubber bullets and stun guns and arrested 132 protesters.

An academic, who wished to remain anonymous, told the WSWS:

I voted in favor of the strike. I think people want to do what they can to give some visibility to the protests and the divestment movement. There is certainly a residual sense of ineffectiveness towards the union after the last strike, and a lot of that certainly has to do with the bureaucracy. Others have also said that the current union leadership used this call to action as a way to get re-elected in last week’s elections.

I can speak for myself and say that as students we believe in what we are doing and want to do something in response to the reprisals from authorities that our colleagues on other campuses are facing and to hold institutions accountable, but I also expect that it union management to pull out a number at any time.

In an interview with the WSWS on Tuesday, Sarah, a UC Irvine student involved with the People’s University for Gaza, expressed her support for the UAW student workers who voted to strike action to defend anti-genocide protesters. “This is how you stop it. That’s how it is in all wars. It is with the working class and with the students….”

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Academic workers must cast the broadest “yes” vote possible. This must be tied to expanding the fight to all 400,000 active UAW members, including in the auto industry and defense factories.

The enormous potential to connect the fight against war with the fight against inequality and exploitation was demonstrated Monday by the start of a strike by 6,000 faculty members at the University of Washington.

Opposition to crackdown at UC Regents meeting

The outpouring of public support for the students was on display yesterday at a meeting of the UC regents, who oversee all aspects of the sprawling UC system of 10 campuses and six hospitals. In preparation for the meeting, which took place in Merced, police barricades and fencing were built around the meeting room, where a discussion on investments in the system was a central agenda item on Tuesday.