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Dog & Deer Take a Stroll Together Through Iowa City


Dog sniffing grass next to deer.

(Photo Credit: | Getty Images)

A large, fluffy dog ​​and a deer were seen taking a leisurely stroll together through the streets of Tipton, Iowa, reminiscent of a scene straight out of a Disney movie. The Tipton Iowa Police Department spotted this unusual duo and couldn’t resist sharing the delightful sight on Facebook. “Sometimes a dog just wants to take his deer for a walk!” the police department wrote. The photographs accompanying the post showcased the dog and deer side-by-side as they meandered past buildings and lounged on the grass, creating a buzz among locals and online viewers alike.

Dog and deer duo stroll through Tipton before police intervene

Despite the joy this pair brought to onlookers, their adventure through town posed some risks to their safety and drew police attention. The police department later updated the community and said that due to the potential danger of nearby traffic, they felt accordingly to bring the amble to a halt. “But all good walks must come to an end. The pair was too close to traffic,” the department wrote. Humorously, they added, “The dog is clearly remorseful, but the deer was muttering something about breaking free and doing it all again tomorrow!” Photos showed each animal in a police vehicle, peering out the windows.

The origin of this friendship remains a mystery, as does how the dog and deer came to find each other on that day. Nevertheless, their story adds to the growing collection of tales about unlikely animal friendships capturing hearts worldwide.

Notably, another peculiar friendship made headlines in March, featuring Stanley, a small, 7-year-old dog, and Arthur, a bigger 4-year-old canine. The duo, who were wandering together as strays, displayed an incredibly close bond despite their size disparity — as reported by PEOPLE. The Bradshaw Animal Shelter in Sacramento County, California, took in these animals together. Not only that, the shelter later adopted them out together, securing their status as lifelong companions.

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