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A bar with a dog park is coming soon to Illinois


Finally, a place is coming to Illinois where customers can have a few drinks while hanging out with their dogs.

Bar with dog park opening in Illinois

People love their pets in Illinois. Of course, dogs are man’s best friend. Their owners enjoy spending time with them, but sometimes they also like to go out and interact with other people. That usually means leaving their puppy at home. Illinois will soon have a new option. It is a bar with its own indoor dog park.

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The place is opening soon in Chicago. It’s called The BAR. The name is inspired by the fact that dog owners cannot say the word ‘walk’ out loud, but only spell it because the dog goes crazy.

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While there are many pet-friendly businesses throughout Illinois, this one is unique. Of course, there is a full-service bar for the owners to enjoy. The location will also have a dog-friendly patio. This is what helps them stand out. There will also be an indoor dog park.

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The indoor dog park used to be a daycare center. It’s right next to the shop, so it’s now connected to the bar. All pets must have up to date photos. Both daily and monthly passes will be available.

I love this concept because I have some friends who like to bring their dogs. Unfortunately, the options are minimal, so this is a great opportunity for the owners to get out and have a good time while hanging out with their best friend.

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