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When was the last NCAA football video game? A repeat of the 2013 classic with Denard Robinson on the cover


For more than a decade, gaming-heavy college football diehards have been forced to play a college football game that’s outdated — until now.

EA Sports NCAA Football 25 is just around the corner. After more than 10 years without a new version of the game, one of the most popular electronic competitions to play is back with the latest edition, giving gamers a new option to play college football.

The last time there was a new NCAA football video game, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One weren’t even out yet. At the time, the PS3 and Xbox 360 were the most up-to-date consoles offering the college football game.

So when was the last NCAA football video game? Here are more details about the last time gamers had the chance to experience a new college football gaming experience.

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When was the last NCAA football video game?

It’s been more than a decade since gamers were treated to an NCAA football video game.

The last college football game to hit consoles was released in 2013: NCAA Football 14. That game featured former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover, making him the first Wolverines QB and third Michigan member to lead the way was in the game. He joined Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson in that honor.

Robinson defeated Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope to be named cover athlete for NCAA Football 14. The two were finalists in a field that also included Alabama running back Eddie Lacy, Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones, Oregon running back running back Kenjon Barner and Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel.

Even though the game is more than ten years old, users still play the game because it is the latest version. Unofficial roster updates were released to reflect the subsequent season following the initial campaign, but no updates to the game itself.

In total, there were 126 FBS programs in the game. That number is now at 134, as of the 2024 college football season.

Due to legal issues with name, image and likeness to college athletes, EA Sports stopped making the game after the 2013 version.

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NCAA football covers by year

Year Player School
1993 Bill Walsh*
1994 Bill Walsh*
1995 No**
1996 Tommy Frazier Nebraska
1997 Danny Würffel Florida
1998 Charles Woodson Michigan
1999 Ricky Williams Texas
2000 Shaun Alexander Alabama
2001 Chris Weinke State of Florida
2002 Joey Harrington Oregon
2003 Carson Palmer USC
2004 Larry Fitzgerald Pittsburgh
2005 Desmond Howard Michigan
2006 Reggie Bush USC
2007 Jared Zabransky Boise State
2008 Owen Schmitt (PSP)*** West Virginia
DeSean Jackson (PS2) California
Matt Ryan (PS3) Boston College
Darren McFadden (Xbox 360) Arkansas
2009 Brian Orakpo (PS2) Texas
Brian Johnson (PS3) Utah
Mark Sanchez (PSP) USC
Michael Crabtree (Xbox 360) Texas technology
2010 Tim Tebow Florida
2011 Mark Ingram Alabama
2012 Robert Griffin III, Barry Sanders Baylor, Oklahoma State
2013 Denard Robinson Michigan
2024 Multiple players Different schools

* — The first editions of the game were initially named after Bill Walsh.

** — The 1995 edition of the game did have players present, but they were only small images that in some cases were unidentifiable. Until 1996, no independent cover athlete was chosen.

*** — EA College Football produced several covers for various gaming systems in both 2008 and 2009.