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CAM School Board approves certified and non-certified contracts


(Anita) The CAM school board has approved the certified and non-certified education contracts for next year.

Superintendent of Schools Paul Croghan says with the new laws increasing minimum wages for teachers, the district is fortunate to give teaching staff a $7,650.00 raise and a $1.00 hourly increase for non-certified employees . He says the total package increase, including administrators, is 9.05 percent, and with teachers and additional wages it is 13.3 percent.

On the other hand, Croghan says there is another change in the way insurance companies insure roofs.

In other business, the district is selling excess equipment in the North Elementary building to the public. In addition, the school board asked Mr. Croghan to find out if grant money was available to help finance the building’s demolition. The district continues to work on moving the child care center to the newer addition to the gym, which must happen before anything else can be done.

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